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Federal Law requires parents' and stakeholders' input and notification regarding the expenditure of Title I Funds. Parents, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Your feedback is used to improve parent communication and Parent Engagement at schools for the 2024-2025 school year. Please complete this short survey by June 21, 2024. Thank you for your continued support of CCSD!


La ley federal requiere la opinión y notificación de los padres y las partes interesadas sobre el gasto de los fondos del Título I. ¡Padres, USTEDES HACEN LA DIFERENCIA! Sus comentarios se utilizan para mejorar la comunicación y la participación de los padres en las escuelas para el año escolar 2024-2025. Complete esta breve encuesta antes del 21 de junio de 2024. ¡Gracias por su continuo apoyo al CCSD!


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2023-2024 Teachers of the Year

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at the Colleton County School Board's Regular Board Meeting, Teachers of the Year from all schools were recognized by Superintendent Jessica Williams with the assistance of Assistant Superintendent of Academics & Student Affairs Sharon Baddick. Also  the Support Staff of the Year recipients were recognized.  A brief reception was held prior to the meeting. Teachers of the Year are: Bonnie Hunt-BES; Megan Gowins-BSECC; Stamie Hershelman-CES; Shelly Ann Griffiths-CCMS; Tina Briz-CCHS; Adeyemi Obasoyin-FHE; Dinah Bryant-HES; Jessie Deal-NES; & LaShawn Williams-TCTC. Taylor Fussell-FHE was named District Rookie Teacher of the Year. Support Staff of The Year are: Andrea Brown-BES; Michelle Shider-BSECC; Tamarah Johnson-CES; Jocelyn McNeil-CCMS; Jarvis Pruitt-CCHS; Violet Baptiste-FHE; Connie Snipes-HES; Barbara Harley-NES; Reginald Hassell-TCTC; Brenda Harvey; Raymond Hodges; Christopher Colleton-Buildings & Grounds; Sharrill Middleton-DO; & BJ Humphries-Technology.

Bonnie Hunt & Wilsey Hamilton                  Megan Gowins & Wilsey Hamilton              Shelly Ann Griffiths & Wilsey hamilton

                       Bonnie Hunt-BES                                                          Megan Gowins-BSECC                                                    Shelly Ann Griffiths-CCMS

Tina Briz & Wilsey Hamilton                  Adeyemi Obasoyin & Wilsey Hamilton             Jessie Deal & Wilsey Hamilton

                       Tina Briz-CCHS                                                                   Adeyemi Obasoyin-FHE                                                 Jessie Deal-NES

LaShawn Williams-TCTC                  Taylor Fussell & Wilsey Hamilton              Andrea Brown & Wilsey Hamilton

                    LaShawn Williams-TCTC                                 Taylor Fussell(FHE) Rookie Teacher of the Year                                    Andrea Brown-BES

Michelle Shider & Wilsey Hamilton                  Tamarah Johnson & Wilsey Hamilton              Jarvis Pruitt & Wilsey Hamilton

                 Michelle Shider-BSECC                                                        Tamarah Johnson-CES                                                           Jarvis Pruitt-CCHS

Connie Snipes & Wilsey Hamilton                  Sharrill Middleton & Wilsey Hamilton              BJ Humphries & Wilsey Hamilton

                      Connie Snipes-HES                                                          Sharrill Middleton-DO                                                     BJ Humphries-Technology

Bells Elementary D.A.R.E. Graduation

Bells Elementary D.A.R.E. Graduation was held Wednesday, 22 of May, 2024 at 12:30 p.m. Mrs. A. Cook & Mrs. Frasier's 5th grade students successfully completed the 10 week course under the guidance of Lt. R. Valentine. Each child was recognized with a certificate, handshake with Sherriff Buddy Hill, and a small gift. After the ceremony everyone was treated to cake & juice.

A. Cook's 5th graders                  Welcome to Dare Graduation               Ms. Frasier's 5th Graders    Dare Essay Winners                Lt. R. Valentine               Sheriff Buddy Hill & SRO

2024 Band of Blue Awards Program

The Band of Blue Booster Club hosted its annual awards program this past Thursday, May 16th @ Colleton County High School in the Performing Arts Center. This was the 37th annual Band of Blue Awards Program put on by the Band of Blue Booster Club.

Recognized at this year’s event were:
2023-2024 Band of Blue Booster Officers:
* Booster Club President: Randall Ballew
* Booster Vice Presidents; Stephen Boyert, Jerry Edens and Ashley Jackson
* Secretaries; Shelby Padgett and Lena Holmes
* Treasurer: Alisa Hill
New 2024-2025 Officers:
* Booster Club President: Shelby Padgett
* Booster Vice Presidents; Ashley Jackson, Grant Scott and Christina Garvin
* Secretaries; Lena Holmes and Misty Ballew
* Treasurer: Alisa Hill
Recognized for their help and support:
* CCSD Superintendent Mrs. Jessica Williams
* CCHS Principal Uirica Bodison
* CCMS Principal Eddie Peebles
* Stephen and Kristina Boyert
* Tony and Branch Branch
“Mary Anne Bunton” Good Friend Award:
* Tina Ritchie
* Becky Roy
* Blue Moon Towing

2024 Seniors of Band of Blue Band of Blue Band of Blue Band of Blue Band Of Blue Band of Blue Band of Blue Band of Blue Band of Blue



Senior Awards held May 3, 2024 @ CCHS!

Senior Students                           Senior Students                          Senior Students   Senior Students                           Senior Students                          Senior Students   Senior Students                           Senior Student                          Senior Student & 2 Counselors   Senior Students & Principal Bodison                           Senior Student & 2 Counselors                          Senior Students                                                                                              District Leaders                           School & District Leaders                                                                              

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Superintendent Jessica Williams wanted to say "Thank you" to our awesome assistant principals! As a small token of appreciation, doughnuts were delivered to each school's assistant principal(s) to show our love.

CES Assistant Principal   HES Assistant Principal  NES Assistant Principal   CCMS Assistant Principals  FHE Assistant Principal   CCHS Assistant Principals



Tuesday, April 9, 2024, our district held the 2024 District Strategic Plan Meeting at Forest Hills Elementary School from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thank you to Principal Joseph Guarino & all the FHE staff for welcoming us so graciously. Mrs. Janis Headden & the Curriculum & Instruction Team did an awesome job planning this event. Thank you to our faculty, staff, district leaders, parents, community leaders, & community members that joined us for this informative meeting. Please know that your input is important to us. Thank you for continuing to support Colleton County School District.

District Staff & Board members    Mrs. W. Hamilton   Ms. T. Green   Mr. Kubik & Ms. Mauro   People meeting   Group of people   People meeting   People meeting   People Meeting   Group of people   Jessica Williams & Rolets B. Taylor   L. Hyman & D. Hayes

Congratulations to the Band of Blue VARSITY and JV Winter Guards for their outstanding performances this past weekend at the 2024 Carolina Winter Ensemble Association Winter Guard Championships on April 6, 2024 at Catawba Ridge High School in Fort Mill ,SC.


The Band of Blue JV Winter Guard placed 1st in their round and earned the gold medal and the Varsity Winter Guard placed 2nd in their round and earned the silver medal in their division.  Both groups competed against over 75 teams from SC, NC and Georgia.  


Congrats to our Band of Blue guard instructors Mr. Jason Johnson, Mrs. Cathy Meshach, Ms. Taylor Fussell, Ms. Joelle Glipinsk and Ms. Asha Jenkins for all their hard work!


Band of Blue Color Guard Band of Blue Color Guard

Band of Blue Color Guard Trophies & Ribbons




     High School Graduates

BES-Turnaround plan.pdf             CES-Turnaround Plan.pdf

FHE-Turnaround Plan.pdf             HES-Turnaround Plan.pdf

CCMS-Turnaround Plan.pdf

CCHS-Turnaround Plan.pdf


grown ups & kids eating lunch

Colleton County School District to Implement Weapons Detection System

The preservation of high safety standards is very important to the Colleton County School District. Accordingly, we are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff, while maintaining an uninterrupted and positive learning environment. One of the primary concerns on the local, state, and national front is the possibility of a weapon being on school grounds. To further prevent weapons from entering our district, we have purchased and installed Weapons Detection Systems at Colleton County Middle School and Colleton County High School. 

The Weapons Detection System uses powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide safer, more accurate threat detection at unprecedented volume and speed.  Students are able to walk through the detection system without having to stop to remove personal items like cell phones or keys; this allows them to begin their day with less interruption while engaging positively with school staff. All individuals entering the schools will be scanned by the Weapons Detection System, including parents and staff members. 

The system alerts staff to a potential threat by identifying questionable items with a red box around the suspicious area on the viewing screen. For example, it will place a red box around a book bag a student is carrying if there is an object in the bag that triggers a system alert. This ‘specific location’ notification process saves time during the secondary screening and does not immediately require a search of the student.

If an item triggers an alert, the student will move to a secondary screening location (table) just past the system location.  If the alert is associated with a bag, the bag will be searched for weapons; if the alert is indicated on the student (i.e. pocket), the student will be asked to remove items from their pockets and proceed back through the system. If a deeper search becomes necessary, the student will be taken with at least two staff members to a secure location out of sight of the rest of the student body for further screening and search, as deemed necessary.

We invite parents/guardians and our community members to come to Colleton County Middle School on Wednesday, January 24th or Colleton County High School on Thursday, January 25th from 5:00 pm until 6:00 pm to see the Weapons Detection System in action, and ask questions to better understand the process.Bookbag & School Supplies


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