It is the intent of Colleton County School District to provide a sound educational program. Regular attendance is necessary to fully participate in the learning process. Any absence from school represents an educational loss. However, we recognize that some absences are unavoidable. 

Lawful/Excused Absences

 A lawful/excused absence is one that is 

  • caused by the student’s own illness and whose attendance in school would endanger his/her health or the health of others;
  • is due to an illness or death in the student’s immediate family;
  • is due to a recognized religious holiday of the student’s faith or
  • is due to school activities that are approved in advance by the principal.

Unlawful/Unexcused Absences

An unlawful/unexcused absence includes one in which 

  • The student is absent without the knowledge of his/ her parent/legal guardian;
  • The student is absent without a lawful cause or
  • The student is absent due to vacation or lack of transportation.

 Attendance Facts

  • Parents are held responsible for regular school attendance.
  • The reality is an absence is an absence. Both excused and unexcused absences cause the student to miss classroom instruction.
  • Missed instructional time may negatively affect reading and math skills over time.
  • Good attendance in PK and K build academic and social skills for the future.
  • Missing two days a month can put your student at risk of academic failure.

When Your Student Returns to School

A student must submit a written excuse explaining the reason for his/her absence within 3 days after returning to school.  If applicable, the student may submit an excuse from the doctor.

If a student does not submit an excuse, his/her absence will be considered unlawful/ unexcused. Unexcused absences can lead to truancy.

The excuse should include the following information:

Student's Name
Date(s) of the absence(s)
Reason for the absence(s)
Signature of the parent/guardian
Telephone number

Parent Tips

  1. Utilize PowerSchool. PowerSchool is a web-based student information system. It provides real time data regarding grades and attendance.
  2. Develop good attendance habits such as going to bed early, preparing ahead of time
  3. Only allow your student to stay home when he/she is truly sick.
  4. Communication is the key. Discuss attendance issues as they arise.


Have Questions?

For questions concerning attendance, please contact:

Shana Mauro

Attendance Specialist
Phone: (843) 782-4510 ext. 71530


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