Colleton County School District Extends Registration Deadline for Transition to 5 Days of In-Person Instruction to April 30

(UPDATE: SURVEY CLOSED) Colleton County School District Extends Registration Deadline for Transition to 5 Days of In-Person Instruction to April 30
Posted on 04/26/2021

On April 21, the South Carolina State Legislature passed Bill S.704. This bill states that all school districts must offer their students the option of attending school in-person, five-days a week, starting Monday, April 26, 2021.

To fulfil the spirit of this law, Colleton County School District has created a survey that will allow students currently learning virtually to transition to the in-person learning model. The deadline for completing this survey has been extended April 30 by 12:00 p.m. Please complete a survey for each child if you have not done so already.

Transition from Virtual to In-Person Survey Link(Survey Closed)

Transición del aprendizaje virtual al aprendizaje presencial(Survey Closed

Families requesting transportation who completed this survey by April 23 should be assigned to a bus route by Monday, May 3. Families requesting transportation who completed the survey after April 23 should be assigned a route by Monday, May 10, or sooner. Students can continue to learn remotely until they are assigned a route.

If you are unable to complete an online survey, paper copies are available at the CCSD District Offices (500 Forest Circle, Walterboro) and at all CCSD schools. If you have any questions, please contact the Colleton County District Offices at (843) 782-4510.

Due to previously scheduled COVID-19 vaccine clinics, Wednesday, April 28 and Thursday, April 29 will be virtual learning days. Teachers will be delivering live virtual instruction on April 28 and 29, unless they are participating in a vaccine clinic.

Protecting our staff and students while we make this transition to five day in-person instruction remains CCSD’s top priority. In order to keep our school facilities as safe as possible as the district expands in-person learning, CCSD continue to utilize the following practices:

•  District employees will have the opportunity to receive COVID-19 vaccinations through clinics hosted at Colleton County High School on April 28.

•  Over six-thousand desk barriers, many of which were delivered to Colleton County schools on October 20, have been placed in all of our school facilities and will continue to be used.

•  Schools and buses will be cleaned daily, and comprehensively disinfected once per week.

•  Anyone visiting district property will be required to wear a mask, and all students and staff will be expected to wear a mask throughout the instructional day.

•  Air purifiers have been placed in all CCSD classrooms.

•  Students will undergo temperature checks upon entering district properties.

•  Social distancing will be enforced on district properties when possible.