Superintendent's Message

 “Let each become all that he was created capable of being.”

Thomas Carlyle

Our strength, creativity, and growth as a society depend upon our capacity to develop the talents and potentialities of our people.”

 John Gardner

Famous quotations related to the theme of success are in abundant supply; the two above are but two among thousands. In closing this school year, it is important to remind ourselves that we are in the business of success. Our core business is to ensure the success of all students who enter through our portals each day. Of course, one cannot ensure the success of others without being a person of success oneself. The single greatest factor that contributes to the success of Colleton County School District is the fact that we are staffed by em­inently successful teachers and staff. Not a day passes without me quietly and thankfully reflecting on the good fortune in working in a school district filled with such successful adults.

Thanks to our teachers and administrators for supporting our students, keeping them engaged to the end and encouraging them to do their best each day! Thanks for being flexible and adjusting in ways that allowed our students to experience in person learning the majority of instruction this school year. Our students competed in shows, won awards and showed strong academic growth over the course of this year. We are successful people in CCSD and we are moving to be a successful school district. While I reflect on success, allow me to share some thoughts according to Hal Urban (2000). Successful people do the following:

  • Accept life as it is, with all its difficulties and challenges. They adapt to it, rather than complain about it. They accept responsibil­ity for their own lives instead of blaming or making excuses.
  • Develop and maintain a positive attitude toward life. They look for good in others and in the world, and usually seem to find it.
  • Build good relationships. They are sensitive to the needs and feel­ings of others. They have a way of bringing out the best in other people.
  • Have a sense of direction and purpose. They set goals, accom­plish them, and then set new goals. They accept and enjoy chal­lenges.
  • Have a strong desire to learn. They see learning as a joy, not a duty. They continually enrich their lives by learning new things and improving themselves.
  • Are action oriented. They get things done because they are not afraid of hard work, and they don’t waste time.
  • Maintain high standards in their personal conduct. They know that honesty is one of the main ingredients in the character of a good person.
  • Understand the difference between existing and living and always choose the latter. They get the most out of life because they put the most into it; they enjoy life to the fullest.

Sharing these insights into success and where we can reach as a district I thought of so many of you. Thank you for consistently exuding success in your personal and profes­sional lives. Thank you, also, for passing these traits of success on to our students throughout this school year. It is an honor to be affiliated with professionals of your statue.

Thanks to our central and classified staff who also provided tremendous support to our students, families, and colleagues. The behind the scenes work done by professionals in all support areas- transportation, security, nutrition, technology, administration, maintenance and operations, finance, data and accountability, student support services, federal programs, special services, curriculum, nursing, human resources, and other departments- allowed us to ensure that critical services were provided throughout the CCSD community as needed. Special thanks to our CCSD board members as they supported our efforts all year long through board actions during meetings and with their presence at school and community events. Thanks to the businesses that supported our efforts and community agencies that provide support services to our schools. Our schools are only as strong as our communities make them.

This school year has proven taxing to us all, while also providing us countless opportunities to redesign most aspects of our work in hopes to strengthen the personal connections/relationships that are vital to educating children. We are grateful for the lessons we continue to learn from the pandemic, and we are better prepared as these public health conditions move into the endemic phase. Thanks to each of you for giving us your best every day and for being an inspiration to our students and colleagues this school year. Your persistence and commitment made it all happen. Thanks for staying the course and for staying with CCSD as we climb to the pinnacle of success. We will reach it TOGETHER!! Just wait and see!!

As we wrap up this successful year in CCSD, I am reminded that it is our people, not our programs, that make a difference. You have made a difference in many lives this year; thanks for making a difference in my own. This summer, I hope you all Play with Passion!

Have an awesome Summer Break!!



Superintendent Vallerie Cave

Dr. Vallerie Cave

Email: [email protected]
Phone: ( 843) 782-4510


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