The Scientific Method

(as told in “Science Is...)

 The Ten Step Method

Step One: Decide on a question. (The Problem)

  Step Two:     Gather information about the question. (Background Information)

 Step Three: Move to making a guess about the answer to the question.  (Hypothesis

Step Four: Determine the variables that can be changed or manipulated.

 Step Five: Decide how to answer the question. Write out, in detail, each of the steps you are going to take. (Procedure)

 Step Six: Gather together the equipment and materials you will need.

 Step Seven: Do the experiment and collect the data.

Step Eight: Compare the findings with the hypothesis.

Step Nine: Make your conclusions.

 Step Ten: Construct your display and write your formal report, including your abstract.


IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to write in your log every time that you do anything that has to do with your science project!

 Keep in mind that when you use the scientific method that it is only a general plan. The rules are flexible. How scientists actually do science and how we describe the scientific process often do not match. The description often lacks the wrong turns, the hunches that do not work, and the mistakes, What is usually missing is the challenging, frustrating, exciting, human adventure of scientific discovery.


Shamelessly taken (aka stolen) from:

Susan V. Bosak. Science Is .... Rev, second edition. Scholastic Canada Ltd. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. 1991.